Sunday, August 2, 2009

Protesters condemn Labor’s ‘failing policy’

Emma Murphy, Sydney
2 August 2009

“Help us, do something for us — but the way we want them to be done. Talk to us”, Alice Springs town camp resident Audrey McCormack pleaded of ALP conference delegates.

She was speaking outside the Sydney convention centre, at a public lobby coinciding with the first day of the conference, on July 30.

Organised by Stop the Intervention Collective, Sydney, the lobby demanded an end to federal government blackmail of Aboriginal communities, whereby they are forced to sign their land onto five-year leases to the government in exchange for housing and services. The communities that have signed onto leases haven’t got any new houses anyway.

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How much more can our Aboriginal people be discriminated against? How long before the government really gets what Aboriginal people want. How many times do we have to say enough is enough?

No matter how many Interventions, no matter how many Apologies, no matter how much money the governments spend, in over 200 years Aboriginal people are still struggling.

Housing, Education, Health, Economic Development, all these issues are still not being deal with. Your Close the Gap resolution of 'Reconciliation with Aboriginal people's is not working Mr Rudd.

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