Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fake Facebook page dishonours Jimmy Little

By Minelle Creed

A group set up on Facebook called the Mr Jimmy Little Appreciation Society has been set up without the permission of 'Uncle' Jimmy and his family. Aboriginal singer Jimmy Little, who has his own page on Facebook called the Jimmy Little Foundation, says it is easy for people to be confused about the two pages, and has asked for the Mr Jimmy Little Appreciation Society to be closed. The request from his daughter, Franny Peters-Little, has been met with hostility and threats of legal action.

Peters-Little says she has contacted the creators of the Mr Jimmy Little Appreciation Society and Facebook with her family's request and has even provided a written statement signed by her father asking that the site respect his wishes and remove the page from Facebook, but the page still remains.

The Mr Jimmy Little Appreciation Society which was set up by husband and wife team Elvianna & Simon Dorante Day, who have created several pages on Facebook (click here to see a full list) which include Appreciation Societies, Fan Pages, etc. Click on the image belopw to see the written statement signed by Jimmy Little regarding his position on the Mr Jimmy Little Appreciation Society.

"The Jimmy Little Foundation was established to help improve kidney health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across regional and remote Australia. Dr James O Little AO is a legend of the Australian music scene and has been performing for over fifty years.

After two years on dialysis and a successful kidney transplant, he realised the importance of all Australians being able to access quality health care no matter where they live and wanted to make a concrete contribution to those communities most affected by kidney disease. Jimmy is living proof that there can be productive life after diagnosis of kidney disease which is decimating indigenous Australians at an alarming rate."

Jimmy Little Foundation Information source: Jimmy Little Foundation

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