Sunday, August 2, 2009

Wild Rivers Legislation

Cape York Institute Director, Noel Pearson today spoke about the influence of lobbyists on the Queensland Government regarding the Wild Rivers Legislation.

Speaking with the ABC's Indiders program, Pearson believed the lobbyists had too much power and said 'no matter how many submission we make, the democratic process on submissions are not listened to."

Pearson claims the key issue is "whether paid lobbyists ought to be slinking around corridors, opening doors like pimps at a Fortitute Valley brothel." Pearson believes Premier Bligh was out of touch with what the community wanted and needed.

And the recent speech at Griffith University by former Fitzgerald Commissioner, Tony Fitzgerald regarding the last 20 years since the Fitzgerald Inquiry also pointed to corruption in the Queensland Government.

Its not the first time Wild Rivers has come under attack by Aboriginal representatives from Cape York. Pearson has been talking about dealing with the Queensland government for many years.

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